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A Letter from the CCHBA President

11/11/2016 4:48 PM | Teri Edwards (Administrator)

A Letter From The President
November 11, 2016

The ink is barely dry on the ballots of our recent general election. This election was a reminder to me of the changes that are constantly taking place in our society, not just politically of course but in the wants and needs of us Americans. Changes in rules, codes, laws, materials and building techniques of course are expected. 

What is more intriguing to me is the changes that have taken place in the expectations of the public at large regarding housing and just needs for everyday living.  I grew up in a small 2 bedroom, 1 bath,  bungalow with 3 siblings and of course myparents. I do not remember anyone ever complaining about not having enough space, or in sharing the landline telephone (which was a party line, we always had to make sure the line wasn’t in use before dialing). We had a 13” black and white tv with 3 channels, that went off at midnight and resumed broadcast at 6am. I do recall some tiffs about which channel was going to get watched at any given time, but we spent most of our time outside anyway.  A small radio sat on an end table next to the one couch. No one I knew had air conditioning, and at my grandparents farm we still used an outhouse, although I do remember when the inside plumbing was installed. The Frigidaire refrigerator had little metal trays that after frozen in the freezer section that was hanging in the middle of the refrigerator, required a lifting of a little handle to release all of the little ice cubes -cool. Just what was needed for the lemonade on a hot summers day.

I took notice of something the other night during a visit to one of the four bathrooms in my house. Lights... lights everywhere, the thermostats; which display the 5 day forecast and even current radar, indoor and outdoor temperature andhumidity as well as dutifully controlling the heating and cooling systems. 7 Smoke and CO detectors, each having a green monitor light. The power lights on the BluRay players, satellite boxes and flat screen hd color tvs all displayed various colors to let you know they were there and ready. Then there were the monitor lights on the charging devices which dotted the counters around the home. The kitchen had lights everywhere emitting from each appliance, no danger of losing track of time there. Shadows formed from the light coming in through the windows from the security and landscape lights outdoors. It was easy to navigate around the home without touching a switch, since there were lights everywhere.

I thought back to the little bungalow where I grew little 7½ watt bulb in the bathroom, and complete darkness.

We get to create much more than a place to live for our clients these days. They expect to have access to all of the things that make their lives healthier, more enjoyable, more comfortable and more convenient than ever before. I think of my grandchildren who one day will look back and say “ my grandparents had something called a television...."

Your builders association is here to help keep us more informed and educated of the things that people want and need in their housing. Join us and share in the experiences of the greatest industry in our country, the Building Industry.

Robert A Kulin

2016 CCHBA President



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